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Types of Wage Claims We Handle

Before filing your claim, you have to know whether you have a claim or not. We explain the types of claims that are appropriate for a California wage claim.

File Your Claim with Labor Board or Court?

Once you think you have a wage claim, you must choose where to file it. We explain the pros and cons of filing with the Labor Board versus filing a wage claim in court.

How to Prove Your Wage Claim

The hardest part of a wage claim is actually proving your case to the extent that you can get paid. Here are the types of proof that may help you prove your wage claim.

Strauss Law Group and Palay Law Firm - Straightforward, honest attorneys who will work hard to get you back the wages you are owed in a California wage claim. Contact us now for a free case evaluation.

We File Unpaid Wage Claims in California Every Day

Each day, it is likely that thousands of employees in California are denied wages lawfully owed them and will have no choice but to file a wage claim. Sometimes their employers do so unwittingly, but the vast majority know what they are doing. They figure that the non-payment of wages is a very effective way of cutting costs. This is especially true in a down economy.

Luckily for California employees, the law allows employees who are owed wages to reclaim the money owed them. Strauss Law Group, Palay Law Firm and their California wage claim lawyers know these laws very well. The vast majority of our practice is dedicated to recovering wages owed to California employees by their employer or ex-employer. Examples of the types of wage claims that Strauss Law Group and Palay Law Firm handle are:

Unpaid overtime wage claim Denied meal periods (i.e., lunch breaks) wage claim
Unpaid minimum wage claim Unreimbursed uniforms or tools wage claim
Unpaid doubletime wage claim Unpaid accrued vacation pay wage claim
Unpaid commissions wage claim Unreimbursed mileage wage claim

Browse this site to find out more about the process of collecting wages owed. You will learn the pros and cons of filing a wage claim yourself versus hiring an attorney to do so. You will also learn why you may want to file your claim for unpaid wages in civil court instead of with the California Labor Commissioner. is a joint service of California-licensed employment lawyers at Strauss Law Group, APC and Palay Law Firm, APC. This site is not affiliated with the California Labor Commissioner.

Wage Claim Pros and Cons

Bringing a wage claim has some risks, both practical and legal. Learn about the pros and cons of bringing a wage claim before the Labor Board or in civil court.

Maximize Your Claim

Like most California employees, the amount of your wage claim may be more than you think. Learn about all the possibilities for maximizing the amount of your wage claim.

Exempt or Nonexempt?

California employers often think that just paying someone on a salary makes them exempt. Learn about the difference between exempt vs. nonexempt employees.

Client Success Stories

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