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In addition to the many rewards in bringing a wage claim, there can be some risks too. Here are some of them:*

Retaliation for Making a Wage Claim

By law, California employees are protected from retaliation by their employer if they bring, or even discuss bringing, a wage claim. If an employer unlawfully retaliates against an employee who exercises his or her rights to bring a wage claim, the employer can be liable for the damages caused the employee, including lost wages if the employee is fired or demoted.

Despite the liabilities employers may face for retaliating against employees who bring wage claims, employers still have been known to retaliate against these employees.

If you think you have been retaliated against for filing or discussing the filing of a wage claim, contact an attorney now for an assessment of your situation.

Public Record

Any employee who brings a lawsuit against his or her employer must be aware of the fact that their lawsuit will be in the public record. That means that people will be able to tell whether the employee has been involved in a lawsuit.

If you fear having your name get into the public record, you might consider filing a claim with the Labor Commissioner. While still technically a public record, the records of the Labor Commissioner are not yet accessible online, so they give you some anonymity.

*As this website is not meant to give legal advice, you may be better off consulting with an experienced wage claim lawyer to determine all of your risks.


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