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If you are an employee in or near Sacramento, CA with a wage claim, you can file your wage claim at the Sacramento office of the California Labor Commissioner. The Sacramento Labor Commissioner accepts the following types of wage claims:

You have reached www.wage-claims.com, a website run by Strauss & Strauss, APC, a law firm that handles wage-and-hour claims throughout California. If you are looking for the Sacramento Labor Commissioner, it’s office is located at:
2031 Howe Avenue, Suite 100
Sacramento, CA 95825

The telephone number of the Sacramento Labor Board’s office is (916) 263-1811.
If, however, you are looking for an attorney for your wage claim, you can visit our contact page for the contact information for Strauss & Strauss.

Remember, you can be represented by an attorney in your Sacramento wage claim. You may need an experienced wage claim attorney to ensure that you can maximize your claim for unpaid wages, like unpaid overtime or unpaid commissions.

Strauss & Strauss represents Fresno employees in wage claims. We only get paid if we win your case. Contact us for a free wage claim consultation, or call us toll free at (805) 641-6600.


  1. Confidential

    I would like to make a claim for unpaid wages. do you handle these cases and what would be a good time to contact you?

    1. Yes, of course we file these types of claims. Call us anytime during business hours. Our intake staff will take down your information, which will then be referred to one of our attorneys. Give us a call at 805-641-6600.

  2. Confidential

    If I wish to file a claim and sue a former employer for not paying me waged at all would I contact you regarding this matter

    1. Please give us a call at 805-641-6600. We would be happy to evaluate your claims. If you do have a claim, we may wish to represent you in this case. We cannot know at this point what you should do unless you give us a call.

  3. Confidential

    I worked for XXX, in XXX for two months. The tip jar was kept at the register and the owner kept our tips and told me that I will get my tips at Christmas time and that will be my bonus. I was fired last week and I asked for my tips and was informed I am not getting what is owed to me. Several other employees are also not receiving there tips as well as past employees.
    Thank You

    1. An employer may not take the tips you earn. An employer’s failure to do so can result in liability for the unpaid tips and, in the event your employment ends and you still aren’t paid your tips, a penalty equal to one day of wages for up to 30 days after the termination. Please call us at 805-641-6600 for more information.

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