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I was sent home from work by my employer, 3 hours into my 8-hour shift because my employer thought I wasn’t performing well enough. Should I receive reporting time pay?

Yes. In California, if your employer sends you home because he or she doesn’t feel you are performing well enough, that is not considered a circumstance that prevents your employer from paying reporting time pay. You would be entitled to 1 hour of reporting time pay and wages for the 3 hours you worked before getting sent home.


Joe showed up for work and worked 3 hours before his employer sent him home. Joe’s employer said that Joe was not performing well enough, and told him to go home. Joe was supposed to work an 8-hour shift. Joe is entitled reporting time pay because sending an employee home because an employer feels the employee isn’t performing well enough is not considered a valid circumstance to excuse reporting time pay. Joe is entitled to 1 hour of reporting time pay in addition to the 3 hours he actually worked. If Joe is not paid for 1 hour of reporting time pay, he may file a reporting time pay wage claim in California.

If you have a question about California reporting time pay law or want to file a reporting time pay wage claim in California, contact Strauss Law Group now.


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