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A Notice of Claim Filed and Conference will be sent to both parties if the decision is made to have a conference by the Deputy. The time and place will be set. The goal of the conference is to resolve the claim without a hearing.

Conferences are different from hearings, in that the plaintiff and defendant are not under oath and the conference is more informal than a hearing. However, both parties still have to bring evidence to support their positions.

See what really happens at the Labor Commissioner Conference.

If the defendant does not show up at the conference, a hearing will be scheduled. If the plaintiff (the person who filed the claim) does not attend the conference, the court will dismiss the claim.

If the plaintiff and the defendant cannot resolve the claim, the Deputy will decide to schedule a hearing or dismiss the claim due to lack of evidence.

If the defendant pays the whole claim or part of the claim to the plaintiff, the plaintiff has to notify the Deputy. If the whole claim is paid, the case will be dismissed.

At any time in the processing of a wage claim, the plaintiff may withdraw the claim with a written request to do so.


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